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29 May
iamtiredanduninspired: hey man, i really love your photography! i was looking through your flickr and saw a bunch of shots were in Boston! i've lived in Boston all my life and i always get stoked whenever i find an awesome photographer making beautiful pictures in this city. i was just wondering, do you have any hidden gem kind of places that make for awesome portraits? like maybe parks or streets or buildings with rooftops? i've been taking portraits in Boston Common and on Acorn street way too much. thanks so much!

yeah dude check out longwood.. the waterfront, esplanade and north end are cool places to explore too. anywhere rly. i’m tired and uninspired too.

27 May Alex
Boston, MA - November 2012
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Boston, MA - November 2012
27 May Ian
Boston, MA - November 2012
27 May Kurt
Boston, MA - November 2012
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what’s poppin slime?